Barbeque Sauce
Butter Sauce for Salmon
Chocolate Sauce
Creamy Icing for Spice Cake
Dill Weed Dip
Drawn Butter (Seafood)
Field of Beans
French Vinagrette Dressing
Fresh Salsa
Ham Ball
Ham Glaze
Hot Fudge Sauce (Craig Clairborne)
Jim's Thick Salsa
Lemon Cheese
Lemon Sauce
Lemon Sauce (Jeanne Harr)
Mandarin Cheese Ball
Maple Buttercup Cake Icing
Molded Cheese and Pesto Spread
Raspberry Crepe Spread
Real Custard Sauce
Rhubarb Straberry Jam
Rhubarb_Strawberry Jam
Sour Cream Cake Topping (Katie Spencer)
Spaghetti Factory Clam Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce (Mom's)
Spicy Cider Syrup
Sure-Jell Quick and Easy Straberry Jam
Tangy Sour Cream Sauce for Vegetables (Colleen Low)
Texas Barbeque Sauce
Tostada Dip
Zucchini Relish